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Manisha S. Mehta


Ms. Mehta's Portrait
"A woman needs to determine her own identity and decide what she wants from her life" - Manisha Mehta














Manisha S. Mehta has been recognized as one of the top 30 women in Gujarat. An exhibition was held to honour their achievements. Ms. Mehta was asked to draw an image to describe where she believes women stand. In addition, Ms. Mehta wrote an opinion article describing where women and the direction the movement for equality needs to move towards.

Dear Reader,

"Love one another but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls."
- The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Words cannot express how proud and privileged I feel for the opportunity to convey my thoughts to you on this International Women’s Day. I wish to dedicate this article and painting to my beloved father and my dearest Neeshma.  And to my immediate family and friends, you have always supported me and given me the freedom to discover and push my own boundaries.  Moments when I doubted myself, you never did!  Thank you.

Today, we celebrate the many victories but also have the chance to reflect on and to renew our spirit in the fight for equality.  Determination, courage, faith and the support of those around me, has given me the continued strength to fight inequality, in my own way.  Being one of the first groups in Gujarat, India to use Forum Theatre to discuss women’s issues and girl child literacy issues in the slums of Ahmedabad, has been a struggle.  However, looking back at where VIDYA EDUCATION & CHARITABLE TRUST began, where it is today and where it is headed tomorrow, I can honestly say, the struggle has and continues to be a worthy cause.  VIDYA is very close to my heart, it embodies my identity and my personal struggle to have my presence acknowledged.  I thank you for recognizing the fight that not just women but men too, are engaged in and I especially thank you for allowing me to give you my personal perspective on the identity of a woman and the role it plays in her empowerment.  I would also like to thank those men and women in my life who continue to support me.  In my opinion, each woman’s journey begins from the perspective of her mother’s role and from there she has to create her own…………….!



A person’s identity is as unique as her hand print. I believe that true empowerment begins when a woman empowers herself internally.  This will give her the inner strength she needs to fight those in her life that are oppressing her (both men and women).  Once she finds her identity and discovers her own voice, she will be a true role model. 

If a woman’s identity defines her being, then why is she so eager to change it in order to accommodate the identity of others? 

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