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VIDYA believes that networking with other organisations is crucial for long-term and sustainable development. Infrastructure and awareness must advance hand in hand for this process to be successful. Over the years, we have been collaborating with various NGOs and institutes towards this end. Also, joint projects help in generating funds that are crucial for VIDYA to continue working.

In 2002, VIDYA began a school enrolment process for dropouts in areas where the team was working. During pre-performance research, it was discovered that this was a rampant problem. Nearly 140 children, mainly girls, were readmitted to schools (both Municipal where education is free as well as Private for those who could afford it) as a result of Vidya’s initiative. All of them are still continuing their education. Beyond performing, this has been one of our most successful ventures.

Between December 2003 and April 2004, VIDYA participated in an awareness campaign on sanitation and hygiene in coastal areas of Gujarat. This was a collaborative project with 3 NGOs- Utthan, Medhavi and the Centre for Environment Education. Over a period of 4 months, VIDYA presented 100 performances in 100 villages.

In December 2004, VIDYA again worked in association with Utthan spreading consciousness and information on sanitation and hygiene in rural areas surrounding Bhavnagar in coastal Gujarat.

In 2004, VIDYA collaborated on a 3-month project with a local NGO, Amari Mandali, in Vyara in south Gujarat. Amari Mandali works in the interiors of tribal villages. During this period of time, VIDYA worked intensively with Adivasi school children on a host of environmental issues. These included preservation of forests and the dangers of industrial exploitation. A series of workshops culminated in the production of several short plays and an exhibition.

In February 2005, K. Santosh, a journalist and folk-studies researcher from Kerala worked with some members of Vidya in the Gujarat chapter of a research project on folk songs from different regions of India. In March 2005, VIDYA conducted workshops with young people and put up performances in urban slums of Ahmedabad in a collaborative project with Pravah, a platform for mobilising action on drinking water. This programme was part of the international WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for all) Campaign. At an event to commemorate World Water Day on 22nd March, the young performers trained by VIDYA enacted their play at the Ahmedabad Management Association.

In 2006, Ms. Mehta travelled to Bangladesh to work with Amader Shonglap, Amader Shonglap, A Center for Communication Development, in Bangladesh to work with Males who have sex with Males (MSM), Male Sex Workers (MSW) and the Gay community of Bangladesh to craft a bridge of tolerance between the heterosexual society and the MSM, MSW and Gay community in order to harbour acceptance of sexual diversity. 

In 2007-2008 ,Ms. Manisha Mehta is invited by the AHRC to write a Handbook on Theater for development.During this period VIDYA has associated with sponcered performances ,workshops.and participated in various exhibitions under the VIDYADHARA

In November 2009, Vidya had documentary project associated with Caleb Johnsten from Vancouver ,Canada.Vidya made two documentary film where the members of Vidya were given intense training on how to make a documentary films at the end of training Vidya members made two films. 1. Home Dream Home- Based on land disburstment 2. Kana – Based on child abuse

In July 2010-August 2011 ,Vidya associated with Evelyene from University Of Geneva, Switzerland for one workshop where kids from the community were trained in theatre and later on they also performed in almost 52 community/urban slums of Ahmedabad. Along with the kids & Even members of Vidya also performed 50 performances in various slums of Ahmedabad. The issued selected was ‘PEACE’ the play was based on the bias done to students of minority community in school by the teachers . This project was a great success and was appreciated lot.

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